Polypropylene Beads

Polypropylene is a non hazardous material

The special properties of polypropylene filling make the material into a wonderfully light, completely safe, and low-maintenance companion. It can sustain many hot washes and is extremely resistant to pressure without impairing its form.

  • All chemical investigations of our polypropylene filling confirm: This material is extremely low emissions and free of any health risks. In particular, the well-known hazardous gasses from other plastic fillings are undetectable in polypropylene. The BabyLays filling is subject to the strictest quality control measures.
  • Polypropylene is resistant to pressure, it cannot be compressed permanently; even after several attempts, it always retains its shape. Styrofoam for example loses, due to the pressures of daily usage, its original shape, and therefore, the volume is reduced after some time.
  • Polypropylene is also temperature resistant up to 140° C and therefore easily machine washable. No sticking! No lumps! This means that even steam sterilization is possible up to 140° C is possible!