Nursing Pillows

We have been making nursing/maternity pillows for more than 15 years with utmost care and quality.

A pillow that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
There are three different variations of the Joyfill Stillkissen:
– Flexofilll – Filled with EPS (polystyrene) micro pearls
– Flexolax – Filled with Vita Talalay Latex flakes
– Claribello – Filled with polypropylene or spelt husk

To ensure the perfect, individual fit for you, the filling can be added or removed via the zipper in the inner cover.

For both young and old!
– Ideal for daily relaxation and support for babies and mothers
– Offer optimal comfort for nursing mothers by supporting the neck and shoulders.
– Offers relief for pregnant mothers at relieving the stress of pregnancy by supporting individual body parts while relaxing or sleeping – Ideal for sleeping on the back or on the side.

A perfect aid for pregnancy exercises
The Joyfill Stillkissen is the ideal pillow for relaxation, pregnancy and post pregnancy, as well as orthopedics and rehabilitation.
The nursing pillow sizes are standardized so that you can use Joyfill covers on all nursing pillows.