Amedo Eye Pillow

Joyfill Amedo

We experience it all too often. After a hard day’s work, or a long car ride, the body and soul long for relaxation. But pressure, stress and over-stimulation of the modern world dominate our thoughts after work.

The Joyfill Amedo eye pillow makes letting go easily. With gentle pressure and refreshing coolness it lies over the eye area. It gives you a moment of solace in your life and leads you gently back to yourself. Rest and relaxation come all by itself. The best remedy for the consequences of daily toil is your natural ability to regenerate, from

  • Twitching eyes
  • Stinging eyes
  • Headaches
  • Migraines

After ten to fifteen minutes look through life with renewed vigor.
The filling consists of amaranth grains and an admixture of medicinal herb eyebright (Euphrasia). Amaranth is an extremely fine grain with an ideal weight to exert a gentle, pleasant pressure on your eyes. It also has an amazing cooling property. Even in summer and warm rooms the Amedo Eye Pillow retains its refreshing qualities.

The inner cover is made of pure silk in high-quality satin. The silk adds the cooling effect of amaranth and is lies smoothly on the skin.

There is also an additional silk outer cover which can be removed and washed.

Article: 3012-1 Eye Pillow in display packaging
Article: 3012-2 Eye Pillow in wooden case