Baby Pillow

Baby Pillow

The Joyfill Baby Pillow consists of the breathable Vita Talalay Latex. The unique 3D contour profile ensures that the pillow is extremely soft. This also enables optimum head position and support for the sensitive head of the baby.

  • Optimal comfort and support for babies
  • Allows free head movement of the baby
  • Unique properties of Vita Talalay Latex as well as the 3D profile ensures optimum breathability and circulation
  • Great heat transfer
  • Risk of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly) is considerably reduced
  • Supports the sleeping position encouraged by doctors and midwives
  • Antiallergic
  • Easy care — machine Washable at 40°C


How it works
The Joyfill Baby Pillow prevents head deformities, and helps with faster regression for babies already affected effected by deformations. The anatomically shaped 3D contours of the Joyfill Baby Pillow support the delicate head, ensuring safety and comfort. The soft Talalay Latex material enables the baby to move and turn his/her head freely. The excellent combination of Talalay Latex and the jersey cover ensures that the pillow is extremely receptive to air circulation, ensuring optimal breathing for your baby.

Dealing with existing deformations: Use the Joyfill Baby Pillow whenever possible to ensure optimal support and pressure distribution. After your baby has fallen asleep, position his/her head onto the non-deformed side. Please always consult your pediatrician if you notice flat head syndrome on your baby.


Vita Talalay Latex
The highly elastic and unique open-cell structure of Vita Talalay Latex ensures that the body heat is diverted through the pores. At the same time, the extraordinary air circulation allows Vita Talalay Latex to quick to retain the required heat and as such ensures optimal temperature in the bed – warm in the winters and cool in the summers. All this culminates to an always stable, hygienic, and supremely comfortable sleeping environment.

  • Öko-Tex Class 1 certified (Suitable to sensitive baby skin)
  • Open cell structure enables extreme breathability
  • Antiallergic & Anti Dust Mite
  • Offers optimal support and comfort
  • Pressure relieving


Article Number: 2017-1-* 2017-2-*
Material: Vita Talalay Latex
Size: 32x25cm
Cover: 100% Jersey cotton