Joyfill Cherry Pit Pillow

Joyfill Cherry Pit Pillow

Cherry Pit pillows are a natural alternative to the conventional hot-water bottle. The cherry pit filling is an age old remedy and is loved by children and adults alike. An ideal solution for cooling or warming strained muscles.

  • A natural way to relax and soothe your muscles
  • Can be used either hot or cold
  • Heat in microwave for a soothing, therapeutic hot pad
  • Cool in freezer for pressure relief and cold compression


  • The cushion can be heated in the oven at maximum 150° C for 10-15 minutes. Wrap the cushion in the aluminium foil before placing it in the oven for heating. This ensures that that the fabric does not discolor.
  • Heating the cushion in the microwave is also possible. Warm the pillow unto one minute at unto 600 watts. To avoid burning the fabric, please ensure that the microwave dish is completely dry and clean. Before reheating, please ensure that the cherry stones are completely cooled.

Caution: Don’t leave the Cherry Pit Pillow unattended in the oven or the microwave. Improper usage can cause a fire hazard.


  • To cool the Joyfill Cherry Pit Pillow, first place the pillow in a plastic bag and then store it in the
    freezer or the fridge.


2014-1-* Size 25x25cm
2014-2-* Size 30x15cm
2014-4-* Size ca. 20cm Motif: Star
2014-5-* Size ca. 20cm Motif: Fish
2014-6-* Size ca. 20cm Motif: Circle
2014-7-* Size ca. 20cm Motif: Heart
2014-3-* Size 46x36cm Shoulder and Waist Set
Collar width: 28cm
Waist pillow includes velcro straps for easy fastening



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