Joyfill Lullaby


The Joyfill Lullaby is the perfect pillow for anyone who likes to sleep to soothing sounds of music or good night stories. It consists of the wonderfully unique Vita Talalay Latex which ensures optimum comfort and support. Not only is it extremely comfortable but it also comes with built-in speakers.

  • Optimal comfort and support
  • No need for uncomfortable headphones
  • Perfect companion for children to lie down and listen to soothing music or bedtime stories
  • THOMSEN Vario — ensures perfect fit for your body with variable hight settings
  • Age 2+


Vita Talalay Latex

The highly elastic and unique open-cell structure of Vita Talalay Latex ensures that the body heat is diverted through the pores. At the same time, the extraordinary air circulation allows Vita Talalay Latex to quick to retain the required heat and as such ensures optimal temperature in the bed – warm in the winters and cool in the summers. All this culminates to an always stable, hygienic, and supremely comfortable sleeping environment.

  • Öko-Tex Class 1 certified (Suitable to sensitive baby skin)
  • Open cell structure enables extreme breathability
  • Antiallergic & Anti Dust Mite
  • Offers optimal support and comfort
  • Pressure relieving



For a relaxing and refreshing sleep, it is particularly important to have the correct pillow height. This ensures that the spine is in an anatomically correct sleeping position. That is why THOMSEN has developed the flexible VARIO SYSTEM. This unique system is modular. Thus, it enables the choice between a pillow height of 7.5 cm to 13 cm.
With the THOMSEN VARIO SYSTEM, you can determine the ideal pillow height easily.


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